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Description of Works

Vulcan Ellis are long-term partner contractors for client Legal & General who oversee the management of the busy Beacon Shopping Centre in Eastbourne. With a relationship spanning in excess of 15 years, Vulcan Ellis are contracted to carry out a variety construction services to the centre ranging from shop refurbishment and fit-our contracts to structural works and car park repairs and maintenance.

With the Centre open seven days a week and attracting thousands shoppers and staff daily, maximising safety and minimising disruption are paramount. Working closely with both the Centre and retail outlet managers, each project is thoroughly risk assessed a programmed to ensure maximum protection of the public and limited disruption. This includes sealed fire-proof hoardings, the segregation of access points and work areas and out of hours scheduling for noisy and disruptive works activities.

Vulcan Ellis staff use separate entry points to the Centre building which are not accessible by the public. Similarly, the service roads are used for vehicle access and deliveries, thus ensuring complete separation of works activity, staff and transport at all times. The external service deck and roof areas are used as a compound for storage and skips and all deliveries are timed to arrive out of hours to these prohibited areas.

In order to maintain continuity and customer service excellence, a dedicated Contract Manager oversees all Centre projects and maintains an excellent relationship with the client Centre Manager. Direct daily liaison is carried out to review progress and proactively examine the forthcoming works programme ensuring that any potential issues or risks are captured and mitigated at an early stage.

The Centre is currently undergoing an exciting £85m phased extension project which will create extensive additional retail, leisure and commerce space, of which Vulcan Ellis will continue to maintain.

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