Maintenance Partnership with East Sussex Fire & Rescue

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East Sussex Fire & Rescue





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Description of Works

Vulcan Ellis has completed over 50 projects as part of its building maintenance contract with the Service. This contract means Vulcan Ellis were responsible for smaller scale maintenance works across all of the Service’s stations in East Sussex. The contract has seen Vulcan Ellis complete a range of works including: repairs to walls, roofing, chimneys, bollards, fencing, lead trays, and concrete.

However, Vulcan Ellis has also completed larger works for the Service. This includes the Maresfield Training Centre project where Vulcan Ellis completed various woks such as repairing the canteen, repairing the wood store and also removing damaged concrete and then relaying reinforced concrete. Another project involved Ellis repairing numerous fire station drill towers.

Vulcan Ellis uses a designated contracts manager to liaise with the various stations to ensure disruption and nuisance caused by the works is kept to an absolute minimum.

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