St Marys Church, Eastbourne - Restoration

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Description of Works

This project required Vulcan Ellis to repair and restore the Grade 1 Listed St Mary's Church in Old Town, Eastbourne. Resting on the slope of The Bourne stream, St Mary's was built in the late 12th Century making it the oldest Church in Eastbourne. The Church was in urgent need of remedial repairs to the stonework and all of its external facade including the replacement of the perished stone. pointing of stonework and refurbishment of the Steeple Weathervane.

The Church was built using Caen stone from Normandy but some sources suggest that some of the stone came from our very own 'Holywell' this may well have been when the Church was considerably enlarged in the 14th Century. This fine workmanship required the repairs to the Church to remain in keeping with all of its original features therefore various specialists were employed on site including Stone Masons and Clock Makers who have been making and restoring clocks all over the world since 1844, working on well known landmarks such as Kensington Palace, Windsor Castle and Big Ben.

The Church remained fully operational throughout the works and Vulcan Ellis always went out of their way to ensure that disruption was kept to an absolute minimum allowing scheduled services such as Weddings and Funerals to take place even if it meant hiding the scaffolding.

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